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Radio Astana

Appeared on Radio Astana on their show “A Travelogue of a Guest” wherein I talked about my experiences in Central Asia.

Qazaqstan TV

Appeared on Qazaqstan TV in Kazakhstan on 03 September, 2019.

Astana Finance Days, 2019

Featured as Speaker on EdTech Forum, Astana Finance Days 2019 – Kazakhstan, on 02 July, 2019.

Kazakh TV

Appeared on Regional Focus – 29 June, 2019 on Kazakh TV, as part of a feature on my tech business, Parakozm Ltd. in Kazakhstan. Watch full episode here.

APEX Express: KPFA Radio

Appeared on the 25 June, 2015 edition of APEX Express show on KPFA Radio. The focus of the discussion was the plight of the Rohingya community in Myanmar, and I talked at length about the historical background, ethnic and religious strife, rising extremism in Buddhism, as well as other factors that have led to the crisis in Myanmar. Get more info on the KPFA Radio website, or on this page.

Uprising Radio/TV

Discussed the conflict in South Sudan, including its economic and geopolitical dimensions on the 24 June, 2015 edition of Uprising Radio and TV show. You can get more info on the Uprising website, or watch this video excerpt:

Alternatively, you can also listen to the audio excerpt:

Cindy Sheehan’s The Soapbox

Appeared on the 08 February, 2014 edition of The Soapbox radio show hosted by Cindy Sheehan. Read more about the show on this page, or listen to the audio recording using the player below.

Jornal O Globo

Interviewed by Brazil’s leading newspaper, O Globo, wherein I shared my views on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, and the role of the Burmese government in the violence. Read the full post here (Brazilian Portuguese).

Russia Today

Quoted by Russia Today in their featured op-ed about the civil war in South Sudan. Read the full post here.